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Bullish Review: Find out where the smart money is investing. Commitments of Traders (COT) analysis is published in three weekly editions:

Monday Financial Futures & Commodity Futures Editions that provide latest COT analysis plus timely buy and sell signals for 47 futures markets (also applicable to related ETFs and FOREX markets). This week you can order either Financial or Commodity Edition for $249 per year (normally $299). Get Both for just $449 per year (normally $544).

PLUS Saturday Sector: Find out which sectors are hot. A market sector guide based on proprietary composite trader positions for markets within each sector applicable to futures, stocks, and etfs. Get Saturday Sector alone for $200.  Get all 3 editions for $649 (normally $744).

The Editor is Steve Briese, the acknowledged expert on the COT and author of The Commitments of Traders Bible (Wiley 2008) More…

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