SteveBriese Stephen Elliott Briese, Editor-in-chief, began his trading career in 1973, and began publishing Bullish Review in 1988. He came to wide attention in 1997, when he joined four fellow publishers in a successful First Amendment suit against the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which enjoined the CFTC from the compulsory CTA licensing of those publishing their own market views and recommendations by phone, fax, mail, and internet; thus, insuring free and unfettered access to financial information. The Right To Remain Silent – Barron’s

A number of market analysts made their name calling just one of the following events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis; (Steve called them all).

  • 2007: World-wide financial system is at risk.
  • 2007: Triple-digit annual bank failures coming.
  • 2007: US recession already here. (November 2007 issue)
  • 2006: Stock and real estate bubbles threaten long and hard recession.
  • 2004: Credit default swaps are a game of musical chairs.
  • 2004: Unprecedented housing bubble growing.
  • 2004: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac gone wild.
  • 2004: We will live to regret the Glass-Steagall repeal.
  • 2003: Debt bubble hangs over economy.
  • 2003: Derivatives threaten financial system.

Some of Steve’s leading market calls over the last decade and a half alone.

  • “Steve’s newsletters are invaluable–usually early–but sometimes very timely–seldom wrong.”
    • –Colin Walker